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S&S Category names or numbers can be mapped to Shopify meta fields

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Last Update 5 เดือนที่แล้ว

S&S Activewear provides category names and category numbers in addition to the basic category for every product. 

Using Supply Master's match fields feature, category name data can be imported into Shopify Metafields or Shopify tags. These metafields and tags can then be used for display on product pages or for creation of collections on Shopify. 

In addition, liquid syntax can be used to add prefixes or modify category names so it suits a store's specific requirements

To access the settings click on Manage Suppliers > More > Edit Suppliers > Match Fields

Once the next import is run, category names will be updated as a comma separated list of values in the meta field mapped above. This can be verified by navigating to Shopify product metafields and viewing metafield data there.

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