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Match fields on Supply Master to create tags with categories

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Within the Supply Master app, navigate to the Edit Supplier > Match Fields section. 

This is where you can map fields from your source data to Shopify's product fields.

1. Click on Add Field to add a field to the Match Fields section

2. Map SSActivewear's brand names, base categories, and detailed category names to Shopify tags by selecting the relevant source field and Shopify Tags as the destination fields

3. After setting up the mappings, you can click on the 'Modify' button to further customize how the tags are created or to confirm the mapping. Make sure to review all mappings to ensure they are set up as intended.

Once the mappings are configured, proceed to import your products. 

The categories and tags from the supplier should now be correctly mapped and will appear under the respective products in your Shopify store.

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